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from November 12 to December 12, 2013

« Possessions » moves into Paris, from November 12 to December 12. 29 evenings in 17 venues in Île-de-France, for a program of close to 80 films and videos, chosen by 13 curators, plus an associated symposium at the Collège des Bernardins.

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Possessions is a cycle of films and performances running from November 12 to December 12 and presented in a multitude of sites in the Ile-de-France region (cinemas, art centers, museums, media libraries…). This program spotlights cinematic writing that effects a shift in perspective in the documentary genre and reveals new voices. Two years after Hantologie des colonies, the first important event in France to take interest in the return of the colonial specter in the works of contemporary filmmakers, Possessions imagines a new emotional world geography.
The films in this cycle convoke not only individual subjects, hidden or forgotten episodes relegated to the margins of Great History, but also new sources of creation and thought. This redrawing of world cartography implies a new regimen of words, images and editing. The omniscient figure of the documentary narrator is here turned on its head: the film speaks from all sides, proposing a cinematic body invested by a polyphonic voice to contrast with the model of the dominant narrative.
More than a hybrid cinema, greatly impacted by the visual arts, this month of programming offers a new manner of thinking or speaking the world; a place where the Western fairy tale is decentralized and where societies mutually assimilate and fantasize about each other in a game of reciprocal possessions, both material and mental. At a time when frontiers seem hermetic, here the power of the presence of the Other that dwells in each of us is unveiled.
Created by an international team of curators and programmers, organized around the projection of rare or un-previewed works and hosted by more than fifteen venues at affordable prices, Possessions aims to be an event both rigorous and welcoming. A large place will be reserved for debate, with the idea of film being a magical investigative tool for revealing the invisible forces that shape the contemporary subjects that we are.