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Lundi de Phantom n°23: Ana Vaz

The Voyage Out (with Nuno da Luz)


Les Lundis de Phantom sont des temps privilégiés de présentation, de rencontre et de discussion autour d’un projet filmique en cours dont sont présentés des extraits. Ce 23ème a été l’occasion d’échanger avec Ana Vaz et Nuno Da Luz autour d’un film en train de se faire : The Voyage Out.

The Voyage Out, performance, 40min, Ana Vaz and Nuno da Luz.


This is a year of many moons, out there the carcasses of old factories now form an earthbed for beings growing from the mutant juice of pollutant force. Despite the radioactivity and the high temperatures, these new beings thrive. Fields of new born flowers, small gatherings of surviving bees, resistant plant species and new types of egg lay upon our shore, engaging us to dig and search for the meaning of such unexpected life. Hundreds of years have passed since the birth of the isle. With the coming of the Great Wave, all of our communication satellites, tools and pads broke down and now what we have left is touch and some remnants of utensils that we make do with. We are working on re-connecting with the tips of our fingers, learning to touch again, away from the touch operating systems and now directly onto the bodies, objects and surfaces that we seek to commute with. Touch is what allows us to understand, and yet only partially as we must be in constant motion in order to better see, feel, commune. Or as the Igbo proverb teaches us: on ne reste pas au même endroit pour regarder une danse des masques.