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ArticleArtistes en résidence

Une vue des Fougères

A photography workshop led by Juliette Agnel

This series of photographs was created as part of a cycle of workshops led by the artist Juliette Agnel in the Fougères neighborhood in May 2014. Through the use of her digital camera obscura, the participants roamed through their neighborhood capturing images both unique and dreamlike.

They offer a poetic view of their environment and reveal the landscape of the Fougères and its inhabitants.
This series of 20 photographs in 78 X 58,5 cm format were displayed on the fences of the square Léon Frapié for the “fête du quartier Fougères” on June 15.
After studies in art and ethno-aesthetics, Juliette Agnel moved from painting to photography and entered the Beaux-Arts school in Paris. From Africa to Korea, from Island to Norway, her camera and her video camera have become the receptacles of countries to explore and meetings to make. In 2011, she invented the digital camera obscura, an object which allows her to multiply experiences around questions concerning both the fixed image and the image in movement: how does light form the image and how does time enter into this image? Juliette Agnel’s work has been exhibited frequently, both in France and abroad.
As part of the “Mythologies” program proposed by Khiasma and supported by the Caisse des Dépôts, the city of Paris and Paris Habitat – OPH



Juliette Agnel au travail avec les enfants du quartier © Claire Zen