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R22 Tout-monde

the new webradio created by Khiasma and its partners

Existing and emitting for two months now, it’s time for r22 Tout-monde to publish a few excerpts from its logbook. Developed by Khiasma and born of a collaboration between several art centers (Le 116 – Montreuil, L’appartement22 – Rabat, le SAVVY Contemporary – Berlin), r22 Tout-monde puts into circulation and shares all types of sound documents in all formats, produced by an ensemble of contributors all over the world. A “webradio of arts and sharing”, it hopes to be a zone of convergence, at the crossroads of the near and the far.

After a successful launch in early June, r22 Tout-monde has already let you discover many countries. It brought the voices of Senegal and Mexico close to home, walked barefoot on the sacred lands of California, rewound its cassettes from Morocco, revealed that fiction is a state secret in Abkhazia, then returned from southeast Asia on the back of a tiger mosquito after a walk on the outside, labyrinthine travels in Greece and a Tunisian revolution. Next? A detour in the Caribbean, where the sand on the beaches is reminiscent of that in ancient arenas,a backlash in Guyana, an oral recapping of the situation in Guinea-Conakry, an e taking on an o (in French e + o = œ which changed the spelling of a family name), to end up discovering that the body is the end of the world (in the physical sense of the word.) But sometimes we don’t have to go so far: did you know that in the Fougères neighborhood, Paris was for a long time part of the countryside?, that the excited team of the Mad Pride came outside to march in the streets, that in Montreuil there are dogs that sing Brel, highways for pedestrians and knee piercers?

No? Well then, for those of you who have just joined us, know that the cruising speed of r22 Tout-monde will adapt to your rhythm and accompany you all summer! And if you want the program, here it is:

Les balades des Fougères ( will take you out to meet the inhabitants of the Fougères neighborhood (Paris 20) and their stories;
Les divergens ( will reinvent a common space for hospitality and imagination shared between you, the patients and the care-givers of the therapeutic network Antonin Artaud;
Phantom Mondays ( will open up a window on the activities of the artists associated with the Fabrique Phantom ;
Relectures 14 (, dedicated to the 2013 edition of the emblematic festival of contemporary literature at Khiasma helps you tranquilly await the upcoming edition ;
les Explorations ( will let you discover the territory of Montreuil;
Luca Babel ( reveals a multiplicity of accents weaving song with the language of the poet Ghérasim Luca;
the residency program of Jean-Paul Curnier at the Espace Khiasma ( invites you to stroll into new territories of thought;
le Radiomaton ( will show you “your face through your ears”;
« Chantez vous » — a collection of songs from the Saint-Blaise neighborhood( will incite you to test your voice;
Station 22 ( will open the doors of apartment22 in Rabat;
les Écritures du sonore ( will frequently take the time to make you a sketch;
and finally The Secession sessions ( will present Eric Baudelaire’s guests at Bétonsalon.

R22 Tout-monde wishes you a wonderful summer!