Khiasma is supported by:

La Région Île-de-France
Le Département de la
La DRAC Île-de-France
La Ville des Lilas
La Ville de Paris
La Mairie du 20è
Paris Habitat
La Fondation de France

Khiasma est membre du réseau TRAM et partenaire de Paris-Art.

At the end of the season, Khiasma’s Magazine dedicates its seventh edition to many of the artists in residency this year – some projects, still in their final stages, will be appear in the Magazine this autumn.

As a veritable extension of its hors-les-murs (beyond the walls) activity, Khiasma supports many artists with residencies whose contents and formats vary greatly. They offer the occasion to go out and meet the inhabitants of a neighborhood and to co-construct works (Juliette Agnel, Yves Mettler), to develop experimental programs for artistic education at school (Marion Lachaise, Jean-Claude Taki, Hélène Cœur, Célio Paillard and Frédéric Mathevet). But we also want to preserve spaces for artistic experimentation that are free of all territorial constraints. It is in this sense that Khiasma gave support for the launch of La Fabrique Phantom, which welcomed many artists this year doing research on audiovisual projects. In this issue you will discover a wonderful sound piece made by one of the residents of La Fabrique: Pierre Michelon. This pre-summer issue also offers the opportunity to celebrate the birth of youngest child in the Khiasma family, the webradio R22 Tout-Monde whose sounds will accompany you, we’re sure, on the beaches and in the traffic jams you’ll cross to reach them!
The entire Khiasma teams wishes you a great summer.