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VidéoArtistes en résidence

Science et fiction à Saint-Blaise

A workshop with Simon Quéheillard at Saint-Blaise

Simon Quéheillard is a well known figure at Khiasma. But, while he’s been preparing an exhibition for 2015 at the Instants Chavirés, it’s at the Musée Commun in Saint-Blaise that he is currently conducting his research on the fall and its burlesque variations.

A can, a box and a bottle come into the frame. Bit by bit, hesitant, the can rolls towards the box and…
In Simon Quéheillard’s videos, the simplest objects move and interact, thank to choices as precise as they are imperceptible; the way crowds emerging from a metro station are framed, the patient wait for a gust of wind, the perfect positioning of a piece of wrinkled paper on a street corner. The tale seems to create itself; but in fact it is the product of a sophisticated science of the microscopic, of the puzzle, of the forgotten. Starting in February 2014, the Musée Commun invited Simon Quéheillard to lead a series of production workshops with the children of the Saint-Blaise neighborhood in Paris’ 20th arrondissement.

learn more at le Musée Commun :