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Atelier de Jean-Claude Taki à l'école Georges Valbon de Bobigny

As part of his residency in Bobigny, supported by Khiasma, Jean-Claude Taki was welcomed by the Georges Valbon primary school for a series of ten workshops conducted with the CE1-CE2 class from April to June 2014.

For the past several years, the city of Bobigny has been the object of radical transformation: entire neighborhoods have been completely redeveloped. The modification of this urban landscape serves as the departure point for these workshops, titled “The City I…dream of”. How are the children experiencing these changes? How do they imagine their city will be in the future? After drawing and speaking of their utopian city, they went out to discover the large city they live in.

Since 2013, Jean-Claude Taki has been in residency with the support of the Seine-Saint-Denis department and the city of Bobigny. Living (temporarily) in an apartment in the Cité Karl Marx, he is currently writing a fiction documentary, “Au risque de se perdre”, where the intimate story of a former resident of the neighborhood who has become the head of an urban projet begins to resonate with the destruction of the emblematic tower blocks that accompanied his childhood. As part of this residency, Jean-Claude Taki has also presented films, given performances and conducted workshops with résidents.